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You Can Defeat Your Giants!

Are you tired of giant problems defeating you in life?  Are you ready to learn how to shut the devil up, silence his lies, and "take off his head"? If your answer is yes, you need Rick Renner's series called, How To Defeat the Giant You Are Facing!

It's just a fact that the devil is going to oppose you if you are stepping out in faith to accomplish something significant. He knows your activated faith has the power to diminish his kingdom - that's why he sends giant challenges to try to stop you.

In this series, Rick will show you how to drive the devil out of your way, win the victory God planned for you, and share that victorious power with those near you.  

You never have to submit to any giant - if you're willing to do what is necessary to take it down. You can do it, but you need to know how. That is what this series is about!

Topics in this series include:

     * The Problem With Giants

     * The Place of Conflict

     * Power To Take the Head Off the Giant You Are Facing