Dare to be uncommon

By Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy says it's time for every man to choose an Uncommon life!

This Super Bowl-winning coach has spent his life shaping young men. Now, Tony Dungy is ready to share core truths he wants every man to understand, live by, and pass on to others.

Examine your life - and aspire to a life of renewed integrity...influence...and faith. With this Bible study you'll tackle key principles found in tony Dungy's UNcommon.

You'll explore scripture, engage in discussion, encounter character-building insights - and uncover what it means to live a life of true significance.

Seven sessions...

1. Strengthening Your Core

2.  Loving Your Family

3.  Lifting Your Friends and Others

4.  Your Full Potential

5.  A Mission That Matters

6.  Influence Over Image

7.  Live Your Faith