We minister as unto the Lord by offering our gifts of praise to Him - EXALT!

We lead others into His Presence where true identity in Him is found - EDIFY!

We proclaim His powerful life-giving message of hope to empty hearts EVANGELIZE!

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Email: hsvnaz@gmail.com



The Celebration Singers is the name for the choir that leads worship in the weekly services. The members are called to sing God's praises and lead others in praising Him. The choir strives for excellence in singing to the King because He deserves the best, and it is the desire of every singer to speak to the heart of God as well as move the hearts of people in a time of celebration. The choir is one of the largest "small groups" in the church, and in addition to sharing a love for singing, the members take time to pray together weekly, bear one another's burdens and share one another's joys. Choir rehearsal is held at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday with childcare provided. Members are encouraged to attend rehearsals on a regular basis in order to keep up with music preparation and memorization. Adults and teens that can match musical pitch and enjoy singing God's praises are encouraged to e-mail Sharon Keffer or give her a call at 256-859-5111.



The praise band currently consists of a rhythm section (drums, bass and piano) and other instruments (guitars, keyboards, percussion) that add lots of color, excitement and variety to the worship services. The band and choir work together to lead the music of praise each week. The band provides prelude music and on occasion may prepare a special song to be used during the worship service. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings. There is always room for more instrumentalists. High school proficiency is necessary, and potential band members must be able to attend worship services for several weeks before playing in the band. Interested musicians should e-mail Sharon Keffer or give her a call at 256-859-5111.



The media team is responsible for audio, lighting, camera and computer support in the worship services. The technical team will provide training for those interested in helping with tech support. There is a current need for people that are interested in constructing powerpoint presentations and video editing. If interested email Sharon Keffer or give her a call at 256-859-5111.